Meet Derek Akers, Owner and Head Instructor at Lake Mead Scuba


Lake Mead Scuba was started in 2020 when the owner Derek and his wife moved to the Las Vegas area.

Prior to becoming a dive instructor, he served 10 years in the US Army as both an artilleryman and
combat medic, receiving an honorable discharge in 2018. Derek first tried scuba in 1997 while diving in Guam with his family. After moving to Florida, he became a PADI instructor in 2016 and TDI/SDI instructor in 2019. Since then he has certified and assisted hundreds of divers.

Lake Mead Scuba’s main priority is our commitment to diver safety. One of the ways we ensure divers’
safety is to reduce the ratio of students in the class. The agencies allow for a student to instructor ratio
of 8:1 and even more if additional, qualified assistants are used. We train a maximum of 4 students with
many classes being 1 on 1. This allows the student to get the undivided attention of the instructor and
achieve mastery in diving skills.

"...We can spend more time in the water creating a better diver that is ready to go out and conduct dives on their own."

At Lake Mead Scuba we are dedicated to creating competent and confident divers by ensuring students
earn their certification, not just simply pay for it. With flexible schedules and most class academics being
done via elearning, we can spend more time in the water creating a better diver that is ready to go out
and conduct dives on their own without professional supervision. Class durations are suggestions, and in
some cases may go longer. The instructor will not submit certification until both the trainer and trainee
are comfortable with the student’s skills.

When choosing a dive shop or dive instructor to work with, ask yourself a few questions;
Does my instructor dive for fun or is it just a job?
Does my instructor do the type of diving I would like to eventually get in to (cave, rebreather,
spearfishing, photography)?
Does the instructor or shop provide gear for the course that is in good, working order?
Does the instructor teach full-time or have a different career? (Not saying someone who doesn’t teach
full-time cannot be a good instructor, but those who have everyday experience may be better equipped
to take their time with you if that is what you are seeking).

We encourage potential students to ask questions and gather as much info as possible to make an
informed decision. We also work closely with local dive shops and if our pricing or scheduling does not
meet your needs we will be happy to refer somewhere that you can get what you are looking for. Lake
Mead Scuba looks forward to working with you!