What is included in my course?

Lake Mead Scuba only includes dive gear with the class for open water
students with the exception of mask, fins, snorkel, and wetsuit (we can rent you the suit). For all other
classes a set of basic dive gear can be rented $50/ per class. Contact us about renting technical dive


What agencies does Lake Mead Scuba teach?

We teach SDI (Scuba Divers International) and TDI
(Technical Divers International) as our main courses. We can also teach PADI courses or referrals if 

I have my certification through another agency, can I still take a TDI/ SDI course?

Yes, you can have cards from multiple instructors and agencies at the diver level.

How much do courses cost?

Class prices vary so please contact us for your particular course. There are
discounts for signing up for multiple classes or having more than one person sign up.

How will I know if I will like diving?

Lake Mead Scuba offers individuals the opportunity to do a “try”
scuba which is offered in the pool only and takes 1-2 hours. The fee for this is $50 and if the diver

decides to take a class, then the $50 is removed from the course cost.

Where does the training take place?

Most dives are done in Lake Mead but we also do classes in San

Diego, Lake Mojave, or in Sand Hollow State Park in Utah.

How old do I have to be to get certified?

Children as young as 10 can be certified to dive at the Junior
Open Water level. Please consider your child’s ability to comprehend the work required in the class and
the dangers involved. Some children are more ready than others. We will accept younger divers on a

case by case basis.

What will I need for the course?

A good scuba quality mask, boots, fins, & snorkel, are the bare
minimum required to own for most recreational classes. Wetsuits and drysuits can be purchased or
rented. The gear requirements may increase as you progress to higher level classes.

What are the prerequisites to learn to dive?

Students must meet age and logged dive experience for
certain courses. Prior to training students will be required to complete a medical questionnaire. Other
classes will require a swim and float test. The particular requirements for your course will be discussed

with your instructor.

If there is a “YES” answer on your medical form you will need to see your
physician to evaluate your condition and get signed off to dive prior to any in-
water training

Frequently Asked Questions